The Maine Coast, July 2017

In light of the holiday yesterday, I thought I would share some pictures of a trip my boyfriend and I took along the coast of Maine at this time last year.  We had no plans, but we had a tent and a Jeep and an idea that we wanted to explore the Maine coast a bit.  We ended up spending one night in Bar Harbor which was beautiful.IMG_6713


The next day we took a hike up a trail in Acadia National Park called the Beehive.  It had spectacular view overlooking the ocean….

The cliffs were very precarious and steep, but the breeze coming off the ocean was not to be missed. We then went to the beach far below for a quick swim…


I was not brave enough to go swimming- the water was FREEZING, but my boyfriend did and found it to be really refreshing.  Acadia National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the Northeast.  It was a pleasure to explore-  full of fun interesting roads to drive, and hikes through Pine forests.  The trails are well maintained and easy to traverse.  (Be sure to take plenty of water, though, I made the mistake of not bringing enough which caused us to prematurely end our hike.)

We then drove along the coast to the picturesque town of Camden.  It was very quaint and typical of towns along the Maine coast: full of cute little stores and restaurants. We had a delicious dinner on the dock overlooking the harbor.  (Below).


This was a magical trip that we took last summer.  I hope to go back sometime soon!
Happy Thursday!

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