White Mountains, New Hampshire, September 2018

Hi! I have taken a bit of a break from posting lately as life has become slightly busier with the start of fall.  I did have a great trip up to the White Mountains a couple weeks ago which I would like to share.

My family and I have been members of the Appalachian Mountain Club for a number of years.  They have several huts in the Presidential range which you can stay at if you make reservations ahead of time- they are wonderful.  A crew (or “croo” as they are called historically) makes you dinner and breakfast and you sleep in bunk rooms.  We hiked up to one of the huts, Mizpah, on Friday.  (Below is me outside the hut on a previous trip.)


We then went up a very steep trail which lead us to the top of Mount Pierce with spectacular 360 degree views of the White Mountains.


The trail to Mizpah is perhaps one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.  I remember this moss garden from childhood and feel so lucky to be able to return as an adult and see it still in tact the same as I remember it being.


The hikes in the Whites are hard and steep- but well worth the views.  On Saturday, my boyfriend and I decided to hike down from the top of Cannon Mountain after taking the tram up…


As you can see below, it was quite a steep mountain!


The hike down was one of the hardest I have ever done…. there was some serious scrambling and several times I had to abandon all dignity and slide on my bum.

(As you can see from Matt’s height above me here, it was quite formidable.)IMG_9807

We successfully made it down however in good spirits.  I would recommend this hike with a caution- it is hard going and you should bring plenty of water and give yourself plenty of time.  If you are planning on taking the tram down, make sure to start no later than 1 pm or so.  The last tram leaves at 5pm, and it would not be fun to get stuck on this mountain if you are inexperienced.

IMG_9831 (1)


Lake Waban, Wellesley, Massachusetts

Lake Waban is not a long journey from my home, but it is a very special place.  I grew up nearby and learned to swim in this lake.  My mom sent me this spectacular picture of the sunset last night and it looked so tranquil I had to share.  If you are ever in the Boston area and looking for a beautiful place to take a walk, I highly recommend it.  There is also a beautiful topiary garden which I will write about more in another post. Happy Thursday!


Seattle, Washington May 2018

Greetings! This past weekend I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit some family in Seattle.  I had previously been there in 2016, and was eager to return and do some more exploring.  On this visit, I spent some time on Bainbridge Island and did a hike up Rattlesnake Ridge.

Bainbridge Island


The Ferry ride over to the Island was very short and easy.  We got in line, without any reservation, and were soon on our way across to the island with only minimal waiting as we took a car across.  Above is the view of the city from the ferry- sadly no Space Needle in this picture.

We took a walk along a beautiful beach in Fay- Bainbridge State Park. This beach featured some old dead logs that presumably washed up on shore after falling off of a boat.  This seems to be a feature of the Pacific Northwest- on our previous visit we spent some time exploring a beach on the other side of the Olympic Mountain range which had the same type of logs:


We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the town on the Island. It was very reminiscent of many little island towns in New England- cute, charming shops and cozy little restaurants. We then took a ferry back to the city.  Again, it was smooth and easy. (This is surprising to me, as I am used to the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard which requires reservations to be made months and months in advance when taking a car across.)

Rattlesnake Ridge

We spent the second day of my visit hiking up Rattlesnake Ridge– and we were not alone. The walk up was slightly less crowded, but going down it was practically a moving line of people.  It was understandable, as this was a beautiful day of a long weekend, but it did diminish the sense of solitude that the woods can provide.

The hike is a lovely gradual path up switchbacks through the forest. Unlike hiking in New England, the path was almost totally devoid of rocks which needed to be scrambled over. (I am not such a fan of that aspect of hiking in New Hampshire).  The contrast of this flat, smooth, even trail was quite astounding.


The trees were really spectacular- they towered over us, seemingly 10 stories tall.


The view from the top of the ridge was of Mount Si on one side- (far too steep for the likes of me.)


And the other view point was Rattlesnake Lake.  I began to get very nervous about how precarious the cliff was and the number of other people who were there- it seemed like it would be quite easy to fall off the edge!


As it turns out, tragically, there have been numerous accidental deaths here- several people got too close to the edge and fell off, so my apprehension about getting too close was well justified!

I had a fantastic time in Seattle and the visit was all too brief. Until next time! (Above is a picture of my brother Josh and I being goofy and a view of the Olympic Mountain Range from Golden Gardens Park.)